After been working sometime with OpenLayers I figure out how to make heatmaps generated in the user browser. Now I’m using OpenStreetMap for both map and data. As is based on OpenLayers you can use any map (including Google Maps) and get data from other places.

There are some similar projects: gheat (server side), Google Maps – Heatmap (server side, not dynamic) and HeatMapAPI (server side and need an API key). If you know another API/Library to make Heatmaps please send me an email.

Currently you can watch the following demo videos (try to watch them on HD and fullscreen):



  • Add Heatmap auto-rendering option
  • Optimize Code
  • Improve compatibility with Chromium (Google Chrome)
  • Check compatibility with other browsers
  • Improve GUI
  • Make a Javascript Library
  • Use JSON instead of XML
  • Check security on server-side
  • Opacity of Features
  • Compatibility with polygons (currently only nodes)


  • Features are rendered more than once (double, triple?)


  • Don’t work on Microsoft Internet Explorer (maybe it’s a feature!)