Sometimes Firefox can be improved a lot using some tweaks/extensions/addons/scripts. In this post I’m going to show some of them.

Recommended Addons:

  • Adblock Plus – Get rip off almost all ads on websites. This also speedup the browser by processing less elements
  • BugMeNot – Tired of registering on all websites? Avoid this using public accounts
  • DownthemAll! – This download manager connect multiple times to a server and can improve a lot the download speed
  • Flashblock – If you have an old computer or your flash support sucks on your O.S., try this to enable only some flash elements and avoid all garbage (specially cpu intensive ads)
  • Mobile Barcoder – Need to send text selections or urls to your smartphone/tablet/other mobile device ? This addon will create a QR code with the selected url or the selected text
  • User Agent Switcher – Some pages doesn’t recognize Firefox and handle it as a mobile device, showing you a crappy page (yes, that kind of webmaster still exists…).
  • Greasemonkey – Add light scripts to your browser in an easy way (and without the need of restart the browser)
  • Live HTTP Headers – If you need to debug a site or an ajax script this can save your day. Also useful to develop scripts and automatize tasks based on ‘sniffed’ data
  • iMacros – Need to automatize tedious tasks or do some web testing?

Greasemonkey Scripts
Greasemonkey scripts are an easy way of create your own scripts and also use a huge collection of already available scripts. The following scripts can be really useful:

Firefox Tweaks

  • Google with https and without autocomplete: If you like google but don’t like the autocomplete feature replace your homepage with:
  • If Firefox is eating all your ram memory try with this:
    • Go to about:config and set the following values:
      • javascript.options.mem.max=100000
    • Check the memory stats at about:memory